Little fires everywhere by Celeste Ng (November 2018 BRC Book Group)

Little fires everywhere

This was the winner of Goodreads fiction 2017 and the Amazon best novel of 2017 so we have decided to read it for our first BRC book group of the 2018/19 academic year.

Read more information on Celeste Ng’s website

Dates are still to be set for 2018/19 so please check the staff development handbook over the summer and book your place.

Happy summer reading!


2 thoughts on “Little fires everywhere by Celeste Ng (November 2018 BRC Book Group)”

  1. Comment from Aileen Arthur:

    I found ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ original, thought provoking in parts and well written.

    The complex family dynamics were interesting and I enjoyed reading about Pearl’s connection with each Richardson child, how Izzy was drawn to Mia and the mother/daughter relationships. The custody story was heartbreaking and I felt for the judge who had to make an impossible decision. I found some of Mia’s back story too unrealistic, didn’t really warm to any of the characters and thought the ending was rushed.

    Although I enjoyed this book, I wasn’t completely gripped. Therefore, I would give this 7 out of 10.

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