The Miniaturist’s cabinet

The cabinet is the key that the plot revolves around.  What do you think this symbolises within the story?  A slow beginning, but I am enjoying this book now.  Looking forward to hearing what you think of it next week.


4 thoughts on “The Miniaturist’s cabinet”

  1. I’m enjoying it whilst reading it, but not rushing to pick it up. The historical setting is very interesting – I want to go back to Amsterdam now!

  2. I love the cabinet, but wondering if Burton is trying to tackle too many issues in the one book – racism, homosexuality, feminism. Like you, I am enjoying it but not desperate to read it at the moment.

  3. I think that this book creates a really vivid sense of place- I feel that I am transported to the cold, draughty house in Amsterdam. The atmosphere is dark and full of suspense – waiting for the next thing to happen. But all this said, there is something about the book that makes me a bit reluctant to read it and I look forward to discussing this in the group. I do hope to complete it by the next meeting!

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