Mrs Hemingway by Naomi Wood

mrs hemingway

We will be discussing this fictional account of Hemingway’s four wives on March 18th.  Each wife tells her own story of her life with Ernest Hemingway.  It is very tempting to read this story as fact so I have to keep reminding myself not to!  Any thoughts?


8 thoughts on “Mrs Hemingway by Naomi Wood”

    1. Although fiction, I think Mrs Hemingway has been well researched by the author. The book made me want to find out more about Ernest Hemingway’s four (or do I mean poor?!) wives. After finishing the book, I spent a lot of time on Wikipedia!

  1. Actually, I feel quite sorry for Ernie. Especially married to Martha Gelhorn who had more of an ego than him. He was attracted to independent, feisty, fearless, clever women – none of them understood him though.

  2. Angela – you should definitely read this book. You’d love it. I agree with your comment about Martha and there is part of me that feels sympathy for Hemingway at the end, but he certainly had his flaws!

  3. Sorry everyone, I will miss the gathering again as I’ll be on my way to Rome. Loved the book for the glimpse into other worlds of not-so-long ago. I’m not sure I would’ve enjoyed most of the social occasions much – imagine being a guest at that appalling dinner party when Ernest trotted in with Martha.

  4. Do others think that the author is not that impressed with these characters? I don’t get a sense of affection from her. Some serious events in their lives, or rather the lives of their friends and family, were passed over quite casually – the death of the young boys, Ernest’s father’s suicide – which I took as a further comment on their basic selfishness.

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