The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd

grimke_sistersI didn’t realise the Grimke sisters weren’t fictional characters until the end of the book.  What amazing, pioneering, strong women! Loved this book and looking forward to hearing what everyone else thinks about it.


3 thoughts on “The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd”

  1. I too was fascinated by the information at the end of the book. What amazing women. I felt that the writer had done a great thing in bringing them back to life as their courage and achievements do not seem to have received sufficient recognition. Even though immersed in the attitudes of the South at the time, they were able to see the reality of what was going on around them, to oppose the prevalent lack of humanity and had the courage to do something about it in the face of fervent opposition. Looking forward to hearing everyone else’s views.

  2. Really sorry everyone but I won’t be able to come to Wednesday’s meeting. I loved the book, especially the characterisation of Handful with her cynical, dry sense of humour. My favourite quote: ” “I’d tell Sabe we were out of thread, beeswax, buttons, or rat dropppings, and he’d send me willy-nilly to the market”. I actually thought her voice was more distinctive and real than Sarah’s, I didn’t hear that in my head in the same way.
    It was interesting that the event that pushed Handful to risk escaping wasn’t her own crippling, Denmark Vesey’s hanging or Sky’s punishment, but little missus’ threat to the quilt. Which I suppose represented their whole identity as individuals, family and culture.
    A fabulous piece of writing but not sure about the escape scenes. I find it hard to credit that they would have got away with it!
    Let me know what the next book is to be 🙂

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