Daughter by Jane Shemilt

Our next book is Jane Shemilt’s DaDaughterughter.  A chilling tale about the abduction of a young girl and the slow realisation of her mother that she may be partly to blame for the unravelling of her family.  What do you think?  Was she wholly to blame?  And should she have seen this coming?  Post your comments here….


4 thoughts on “Daughter by Jane Shemilt”

  1. I have not yet finished this book but I have really enjoyed it so far although it has some quite challenging concepts about family life. The book does bounce back and forth between the present and the past but this adds to the intrigue, not quite disclosing the full picture and giving the reader a hint about what may be yet to come.

  2. I have finished it now. I found it quite hard to put it down and forget about it. I just wanted to get to the end so that I could find out what happened to her!

  3. Averaging 7/10 from Chi Uni Book Group. We all found this a gripping read and a great first novel from Jane Shemilt, although we did feel there were some loose ends that didn’t tie up and some forced comments about prejudice.

  4. I discussed it with my teenage daughter and we both agreed it was very unlikely that Naomi would not have had a Facebook account or left some other social media trail for the police to investigate. A good read though and thank you Ruth for the book club Christmas bites!

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